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5 Best Microphones in India for 2022

Whether you want to record your own song or start a Youtube channel, a Microphone is a bare necessity and a good quality microphone can certainly take your content to the next level.

I know that not everyone can afford a Premium Quality Microphone and spend thousands of dollars especially when they are just starting out.

So, In this blog, I’m gonna talk about the 5 Best Microphones for beginners that are not only pocket-friendly but also provide value for your investment.

 There are different kinds of microphones. To select the most appropriate one, you must initially understand where it will be used:

  • For Studio Recordings

  • For Live Performances

  • For Podcasts

  • For Recording Instrument

Please note that an outstanding microphone can become mediocre if utilized for objectives other than those for which it was made!

Whether for streaming, for a podcast, a video blog site, or various other recordings with an audio track – a microphone is crucial for numerous jobs. But which is the right one for the job that you have intended? And are there any great microphones that are still inexpensive? What exactly do I have to watch out for?

In our microphone Guide 2021, we have discussed some important points that can aid you to pick the right microphone for yourself.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the entire guide, well, here’s the best microphone that you can buy in India. Feel free to visit the link below and see the specifications, reviews and ratings on Amazon.

Best Microphone in India 2022


Samson C01U USB Microphone


Types of Microphones

There are different types of microphones, each having its own unique features and sound. It’s not just about “better” or “worse” – it depends on the purpose.

In principle, however, all microphones work the same. Sound causes a membrane to vibrate, which converts the mechanical energy of the sound into electrical energy. This creates electrical impulses, which are then transported to the recording device via a microphone cable. In short, a microphone is a transducer.

The most common types of microphones are:

• The dynamic microphone
• The condenser microphone
• The electret microphone

All of these microphone types have unique characteristics and are suitable for specific applications. 

Credit: Kae / CC BY-SA (

Dynamic Microphone

With this microphone, a membrane is attached within a magnetic field, which is set in motion by sound waves.

This creates different voltages. This microphone is available in two designs: the moving coil microphone and the ribbon microphone, which is used less frequently.

Moving Coil Microphone: This type of microphone is often used at live events and is the most common dynamic microphone. Moving coil microphones can tolerate high sound pressures and are also quite robust.  This type of microphone is very popular for usage in Live shows, Karaoke Parties, and even for studio recordings.

Moving Coil Microphone
Credit: English Wikibooks user Doktorcik / CC BY-SA (

Technically speaking, a moving coil microphone is quite simple: a wire coil is attached to the back of the membrane (Diaphragm), which resonates with the membrane when exposed to sound waves. The oscillation of the coil generates electricity.

• Ideal for live Performances
• Tolerates high sound pressures
• Robust
• Relatively inexpensive

• Sound Quality is not as good as condenser microphones
• Low fidelity

Ribbon Microphone: The ribbon microphone is more likely to be found in the studio. It is the specialist for a warm sound.

The ribbon micro has a fragile ribbon made of aluminum as a membrane. Since aluminum itself is an electrical conductor, there is no need for an additional wire coil to convert the vibrations into electricity. Due to its low mass, the aluminum ribbon is much more sensitive to sound waves than the membrane in a moving coil microphone and responds faster.

Ribbon Microphone
Ribbon Microphone

• Has a warm sound
• Good responsiveness

• Low Treble
• Is extremely sensitive to shock

The voltage generated by this microphone is very low, which is why you need an excellent preamplifier. 

Ribbon Microphones are mainly used in recording studios for recordings and not on stage due to the fact that they are sensitive to shock.

Condenser Microphone

Doktorcik at the English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA (

Condenser microphones
are the standard for studio recordings and are able to reproduce sound with excellent quality.

Large-diaphragm Condenser microphones are suitable for vocal recordings, as well as for instruments. In contrast, small-diaphragm models are more suitable for instrumental recordings.

At high noise levels, Condenser microphones distort more quickly than dynamic microphones. They are also significantly expensive.

This microphone is based on the principle of an electrical plate capacitor: When sound waves hit the diaphragm, the distance between the plates changes, and this, in turn, changes the capacitance. This electrical energy is then transferred to the recording equipment to be re-produced as sound energy.

• Excellent sound Quality
• Very little noise

• Not that robust
• High price

In contrast to the dynamic microphone, a condenser microphone requires external voltage to be able to be operated. Audio Mixers or audio interfaces with mic inputs can provide this voltage; this is called phantom power. Condenser Microphones need a 48V power source. There are also condenser microphones with a built-in battery compartment.

Electret Microphone

The electret microphone is mainly used in communication devices such as cell phones.

Electret Microphone
wdwd / CC BY (

The electret microphone is very similar in design to the condenser microphone. This mic has an electret film attached to the capacitor plate that is permanently under voltage. This voltage is provided either internally using a battery or externally using phantom power.

• Very cheap
• Minimal design

• Low sound quality in comparison to other microphones

This microphone is very inexpensive to manufacture and also requires less power to operate than a condenser microphone. Therefore, it is often used in smartphones or headsets.

So, Now let us talk about the 5 Best Microphones in India that you can buy as a beginner without busting the bank!

5 Best Microphones in India for Beginners

Please note that these microphones are in no particular order. All of these microphones are great and best for the purpose they serve. If you wanna purchase any of these microphones, please do consider your requirements and your personal tastes. That will help you to make the best decision and save your money and detour you from any future complications.

So without much ado, here’s a list of the 5 Best Microphones in India for beginners:

1. Shure SM58 and SM57

The Shure SM58 and SM57 are arguably the most popular dynamic microphones in the world. Shure SM58 and SM57 is the cable microphone model operating in the range of 50hz – 15khz with an on-off switch.

Shure SM 57/58

Shure SM58 and SM57 are the microphones that offer bright and quality sound in stage performances and prevent unwanted external noise.

Shure sm58 and sm57  are the most sold and most liked model among users of Shure wired microphones.

With its impressive sound, satisfying volume power, it has managed to become the most preferred microphone model.


• Live vocals, speeches, presentations
• Box contents: Adjustable Stand, Adapter, Storage Bag
• Frequency response: 50-15000 Hz

2. Rode NT1A

Rode NT1-A is a redesigned model of the Legendary NT-1 model. It is one of the studio microphone models that has the lowest noise and external sound ratio (5 dBA). Thanks to its low distortion, high SPL capacity, and extended dynamic range, it is one of the most suitable microphones for digital recording applications that require maximum care.

Rode NT1A

SPL stands for Sound Pressure Level. (Max SPL signifies how loud of a sound a microphone can handle before distortion.)

Users who are interested in music, whether amateur or professional, prefer the RODE NT1-A microphone model.

Despite its high sound output and dynamic range, it is competent in reducing unwanted noise, such as interference with its support from gold-plated connectors. 

• Very ideal for a home studio.
• Gold-plated connectors
• Comes with M-Audio fast track sound card.
• High-quality sound.

3. Samson C01/C01U

The Samson C01/C01U microphone is a super-cardioid condenser studio microphone model with USB connectivity.

Samson first introduced this microphone in 2005 as the world’s first USB studio condenser microphone. With its revolutionary design, it quickly reached the top of the list of affordable studio recording microphones.

Samson C01/C01U offers everything you expect from a standard microphone. With its full diaphragm, you can easily use it for your vocal, instrument, and drum recordings and get professional quality clean recordings.

The Samson C01/C01U is one of the ideal microphones that works using only the USB cable, without the need for an external sound card.

Samson C01U Microphone

If you are looking for a dynamic and well-performing condenser microphone, the Samson C01/C01U will be a microphone that will suit your expectations. You can get very detailed sounds with two ultra-thin sensors.

It is also a preferable option for the use in YouTube videos, voiceovers, podcasts, producers, and broadcasters. It is the choice of those who seek an economical, simple, and quality microphone.

• USB Studio Condenser Microphone
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response,
• USB bus-powered by Mac, PC, or iPad
• Built-in tripod stand, swivel mount, and USB cable
• Large, 19mm aperture intact studio

4. Audio Technica AT2020

Audio Technica AT2020 is a large-diaphragm microphone with a headphone output. The AT2020 USB condenser microphone combines the sound, quality, and affordability of the AT2020 in a compact package that can directly connect with the computer.

This enhanced USB microphone is ideal for all recording situations where ease of use and sound quality are required. AT2020 has a wide range of applications, from broadcasting to recording instruments.

This digital microphone/recording interface, like its predecessor, offers the high sound quality of Audio Technica standards at an affordable price. 

Audio Technica AT2020 is suitable for broadcasting, home studio recordings, field recordings, and dubbing with crystal clear and natural sound.Audio Technica AT2020

The AT2020 is designed based on Audio Technica’s famous AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone. This microphone, like the AT2020, is designed with the low-mass diaphragm, comprehensive frequency response, and superior equalization response. With USB output, 16-bit, 44.1 / 48kHz Sample resolutions are provided.


• Ideal for home studio use.
• Rugged body
• Pivoting, threaded stand mount
• Its unique low weight diaphragm offers a comprehensive frequency response and excellent discontinuous response.

5. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti USB Microphone creates unique recordings directly on your computer with a blue microphone most powerful USB microphone.

According to the manufacturing company, it uses the proprietary three capsule technology to produce studio-quality recordings.

There are four different pattern settings you can record vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, or interviews that otherwise require multiple microphones.

With volume control, pattern selection, instant mute, and gain self-control, this microphone has many features to keep you engaged.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Metal grids and frames add a retro look to the Microphone. You can adjust the microphone angle as you wish. If you want, you can fix it to any place by screwing it.

• 3 capacitor capsules
• Multiple Model Selection
• Perfect for Vocal
• Mac And Pc Compatible


The sound quality varies significantly between low-priced microphones and higher-end models. Rather than having a ton of poor quality microphones, it is better to have a good and versatile one.

High prices and famous brands are probably synonymous with quality, but when you are looking for a microphone, always remember that there is the perfect one for each of us based on personal tastes.

According to me, Samson C01U is a good choice for anyone on a low budget and is just starting out. It is best suited for beginners and it was my first microphone as well.

This concludes my review of the best microphones in India for beginners.

If you liked the review, please do share it with your friends and family. That would mean a lot to us. 🙂🙂🙂

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(Please note that if you make a purchase through any of the links above, we may get a small amount as a commission. This, however, will not affect the prices for you.)


Below are some of the frequently asked questions:

1. How do I choose a good microphone?
A: There are many things to be considered when deciding on a microphone. Some of them include the budget, purpose, style and appearance.

2. Which is the best microphone?
A: According to us, the Samson C01 USB Microphone is the best Microphone. It’s versatile and provides great quality recordings at an affordable price.

3. What should be my ideal budget for a microphone?
A: According to  us, if you are a beginner then 6K-10K should be a good range within which you can get some decent quality microphones. Also, you can go for some standard recording bundles like the Scarlett 2i2 Bundle. They provide all the essential things you might need to get started as a beginner.

4. Dynamic or Condenser? Which Microphone should I choose?
A: Dynamic Microphones are suited for Live Performances whereas Condenser Microphones are the best choice for recording vocals, instruments and for podcasts.

5. What microphone do professional singers use?
A: Most Singers prefer the industry standard Shure SM-58 for live performances and the  Neumann TLM 102/103 Microphone for studio recordings.

6. What Microphone does Billie Eilish use?
A: Neumann TLM 103

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