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Over 15+ Gb of High-Quality Professional Guitar Backing Tracks

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15+ Gb of Backing Tracks

A collection of thousands of High-Quality Professional Guitar Backing Tracks

Different Musical Styles

9+ different Musical styles including Blues, Jazz, Bossa, Rock, Metal, Soul Music, Fusion, etc.

High Quality Mp3 Tracks

Best Quality Track for your Jam Sessions

International artists

Guns n’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Metalica, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, and many more

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becoming a true ROCKSTAR!

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Check out some Samples below

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 (Absolutely FREE for you!)

Guitar Pro 5

A multitrack editor of guitar and bass tablature and musical scores.

Guitar Hacks, Tips & Tricks course

Get 2 FREE courses aimed at Beginners & Intermediate players.

Sheet Music

Get more than 150,000 sheet music for Guitar Pro.

Guitar Chords & Scales e-book

Free e-books to help you memorize & practice the chords & scales.

Guitar Theory Foundation Course

A completely free Guitar Theory Foundation course for Beginners. Plus, get an e-book on "How to buy your First Guitar" for FREE. You will get the Links to all the Bonuses instantly.

Grab this offer Now & Save
Rs.1,999 – Just Pay Rs. 199 Once And Use Forever

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